Love Songs is a melodic and tactile collection of poems by Berlin-based poet Seda Mimaroğlu. Inspired by the contemplation of physical distances and encounters real and imagined, the snapshots drift from melodic moments of wanting to rhythmic reflections of waiting. It is the third title published by Blue Figure Press.


"Gentle and radical, intricate and painfully open, Seda Mimaroğlu's Love Songs demonstrate that, despite everything, poetry is still capable of making things happen. Good news for the troubled times—and a book that will definitely find devoted readers." —Maria Stepanova, author of In Memory of Memory



“Words pearl, encounters within closed spaces, a lightness of expression, or in the sun, carpets, clamorous, sometimes a hovering melancholy, sometimes a quiet contemplation, perhaps a tinge of sadness, on the street, plays of light, at the door, a bell, a melody, dissolves it, dissolves itself, to butterflies perhaps, plays out only in the mind, nevertheless emerges, someone nudges, but amiable mostly, she turns around, a mirror, illuminated from behind, a projection according to its own geometry: Snapshots so deeply engraved, yet which she keeps so vividly agile.” —Andreas Reihse, composer, musician and artist and member of the band Kreidler


Seda Mimaroğlu is a poet, writer and translator. She was born in Istanbul and lives in Berlin.

Love Songs

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