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Dear friends,

Last summer, Blue Figure Press was born with the release of our first book, Segue. This summer we are excited to announce a whole range of new offerings to keep you reading, thinking and creating. Like...



We are overflowing in amazing used books so to raise some money for our publishing projects this year we are selling some of our collection. Follow us on Instagram or check the store section on our website to see the latest offerings and prices. We have the books. You have the time.

Take a look as we start to roll out the selection and we'll be sure to highlight few of our favorite pieces here and on our new blog...


...where we will be curating and sharing pictures and poems from Blue Figure contributors. With so many of us cut off from the outside world, the name is meant to recall the feeling of things in our hands, and we hope it serves as a place for our community to engage with that sense of texture.

Much of our culture is focused on what and how we see, this blog wants to examine what and how we touch, the sensation of handling things, physically, intellectually, emotionally. 

We would love to make this a collaborative space so please reach out to with submissions. 

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