Antelope Vol. 1, Out Now!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new online journal of collaborative literature, Antelope.

These poems were written as a group in November 2019 at a work shop on spontaneious poetics, hosted by Moonlit DC at Loyalty Bookstore in Washington DC's Petworth neighborhood.

The name of the game was Shims. Poet Lyn Heijinian describes the method in a lecture she gave on workshopping. The rules are simple. Eah participant starts with a sheet of paper. On each sheet are 7 lines, and to the left of each line a number indicating how many words were allowed to go there. the order is;








Each person starts with one sheet of paper. Everybody writes and passes their sheet to the left until each line is full.

The results are as many poems as sheets of paper you use. And while each line is contributed by a different person, the form pushes the group voices in the same direction, so the langauge of the group melds into one collective voice. While we have included the names of each participant, these poems should be read as if written by one mind.

Download the full pdf below and check out Lyn Heijinian's lecture on workshopping here;

Antelope Vol. 1
Download PDF • 12.74MB

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